Mazatlan Daytime Activities

This is an exciting experience for all ages. I'd recommend taking a camera with you to get some really good scenic aerial shots. The most common spots for take off and other rentals are: south to north near Los Sabalos, Costa de Oro, El Cid and Pueblo Bonito resorts.

Jet Skis, Hobie Cat Sailing and Boogie Board Surfing are other rental water activities in the resort zone. Surfing is best in the south of the Golden Zone near Valentinos and in the north at Playa Bruja. If you were to spend time at Playa Bruja, besides surfing, wading, swimming, looking for seashells, you can take a ride on one of Ginger's horses or a burro cart ride.

Horseback Riding

Ginger, a transplanted Bellingham, WA native since 1979 has operated a stable that is open from 10 am to 4 pm daily except Sunday for horseback or burro cart rides. There are bilingual guides along with Andy (Andres), her husband, who has been known to serenade his cart-tour guests.

Snorkeling at Deer island includes getting an amphibian ride to the island from the El Cid resort. This can be a full day picnic activity for the whole family that could include hiking, swimming or just laying around. Take some food and refreshments as they can be limited or non-existent on the island.

Circuses, fairs and others
Circuses and fairs are in town throughout the year and the bullfight season is on Sunday from January through May. There are also soccer games, Little League baseball tournaments involving international teams with schedules in the daily paper
Mazatlan Activites and watersports