Mazatlan Horse Backriding

Ginger's Bilingual Horses
Mazatlan Horse Backriding

* Great horses for beginners and advanced.
* One and two hour rides.
* Secluded gorgeous beach and lovely wooded trails.
* Bi-lingual guides, friendly and helpful.
* Slow or fast paced, suited for all riders.
* Comfortable western saddles with towels to protect bare legs.
* Restaurant, facilities, bathrooms, drinks, shade, etc.

* One hour rides: 10am. 11:30am and 1pm
* 1 1/2 hour ride: 2:30pm
* Includes Snack Pack Box: Soda and snack !


Bus and taxi service.
Bus: "Cerritos Juarez" to end of line north.
Taxi: To "Punta Cerritos"

Reserve now $ 25 one hour
$40 1 1/2 Hour

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Mazatlán's name comes from a Náhuatl Indian word "Mazatl" which means "Place of Deer." Mazatlán has about a half million residents and is one of Mexico's best billfish sport fishing areas. It has a very important commercial seaport. Although towns were first settled in this area about 400 years ago, a permanent colony was not established until the early 1820's with the first municipal government installed in 1827.
The Museo de Arqueologia downtown has a small but good collection of pre-Columbian artifacts and exhibits of contemporary art. At the very southern end of town, before the malecon begins, is the actual port area. Here you can see large, modern ferry boats that ply the waters each night to La Paz, 235 miles northwest, across the Sea of Cortez. The trip takes 18 hours and sleeping cabins are available. Arrangements can be made at the ferry pier or through a travel agent.
Open 10-4 Mon-Sat


Guest Comments...
"We had heard Ginger offered the best horseback riding experience in Mazatlan for those who want a small group and NOT on horses that follow nose to tail of the other horses. We found exactly what we were looking for at Ginger's. Rafael is Ginger's husband's son and he led our group. He spoke English and was very personable. I'd recommend this tour to anyone!"

Sharon Winslow
Portland, Oregon

Our two daughters, 14 and 16, thought they'd be bored to death on this trip to Mazatlan. Once they did the ride on Ginger's horses they came alive. They loved being on the beach. They loved the horses and the fact they could actually give them commands. This wasn't a watered-down Disneyland version of a horse-back-ride. This was the real thing. Thank you Ginger for making my daughters fall in love with Mazatlan.

Tam Thueson
Los Angeles, CA
We try to do a horseback ride wherever we visit, and this was by far the best. We are experienced riders and Ginger's step-son Noah let us gallop down the beach, which was a big thrill after some of the other "tame" group rides we've been on. I can't say enough about how gorgeous the horses are. They are truly well loved and well cared for by Ginger, Andreas and their family.

Shawna Swenson
Denver, Colorado, USA
You want healthy horses? You want happy horses? You want horses that are well cared for and well fed? Then you want Ginger's horses. I asked her for details on why they looked so great. She OWNS her horses instead of renting them from someone else. But it's more than that. She loves them. And that's why her guests get such a great ride!

Our family of five gives Ginger and crew an enthusiastic two thumbs up! One of the best things we did while in Mazatlan. And Playa Bruja is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Be sure to take an hour after the horse ride and enjoy a cold coconut at the restaurant near Ginger's place.

Winston Tomlinson

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