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Water Sports Mazatlan

Come with us and enjoy Mazatlan beaches. If it's done on water, it's here! We are located right next to El Cid Castilla
on the beach.
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Snorkeling in Mazatlan

Whether you want to hang out at a beautiful beach ? The islands surrounding Mazatlan bay are the best location for snorkeling in town. Explore the islands surrounding Mazatlan. You will be snorkeling in different locations enjoying the tropical beauty of the islands and their great diversity of marine fauna. Click here for more info.

Snorkeling on the Islands of Mazatlan

Whale & Dolphins Watching

An exiting adventure into the world of Whale, dolphins and ocean wildlife. Guided by a crew of experienced oceanographers through the waters of the Sea of Cortez in Mazatlan searching for and observing cetaceas in their natural habitat. You will be contributing in the effort of whale and dolphins research and conservation in the region.  A must experience for people all ages. Click here for more info.

Whales & Dolphins Mazatlan

Jet Ski.

Nothing like a Jet Ski to maximaze your relaxing Mazatlan vacation. Beginners and experienced skiers alike will receive a briefing on jet ski handling, safety, and the rules to operate safely in our riding area.

Mazatlan watersports, scuba diving Mazatlan, Mazatlan snorkeling

The Amphibious Boat

This boat will take you from the sandy beaches of El Cid to Isla de los Venados (Deer Island). Once on board, take a 30-minute voyage to Deer Island, located across from the Golden Zone in Mazatlan. Disembark on the white sandy beach on the leeward side of the island. The camp offers ample shade, chairs and restrooms. There is plenty of space to roam, collect shells, play volleyball, as well as swim in the calm waters. Bring your own drinks and food. Scheduled every 2 hours to-from Deer Island

Mazatlan watersports

Velero (Sailing Boat).Mazatlan watersports, scuba diving Mazatlan, Mazatlan snorkeling

The easiest boat to sail! Very stable and suitable for novice sailors and those who have not been sailing in a while. Capacity between 1 and 4 people......$30

Buceo (Scuba diving).

Join us as we explore and discover the excitement of diving in Mazatlán. Experience the best of diving with profesional diving services. The unexplored Pacific is known for the unknown. Because Mazatlán is not a well known scuba diving destination, everything in our sea is still natural, alive and growing.


Come experience a Kayak Adventure and discover the magnificence of the Mazatlan from the pacific ocean. Reach Isla de Venado (Deer island) has a calm beach where you have a superb view of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan watersports, scuba diving Mazatlan, Mazatlan snorkeling

Boogies Boards.

Ride the waves of Mazatlan. Name Brand, Hard Bottom Boogie Boards for Ocean Fun. Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learnin' how. I want to share with you just how much fun it can be to play in the surf in paradise.

Half hour $4

Mazatlan watersports, scuba diving Mazatlan, Mazatlan snorkeling

Paracaidas (Parasailing)

Parasailing, which was invented in Acapulco, is a popular activity in Mexico.You'll be up in the air for about 10 minutes, and will get a fantastic view of all of Mazatlan. As it was said by one of our customers 'This was fun, to say the least. In my 39 years alive, I had never done something so exhilarating!'.

Banana Ride.

Enjoy the thrill of our 20 minutes ride along the shore of the Golden Zone Mazatlán. This is the most fun you can get on a non-motorized water activity. Suitable for all in the family. If you want to experience all the thrills, speed, and wet excitement on one ride, then our Banana boat is for you !! Up to 5 people can ride our inflatable banana rafts which are pulled behind powerful speedy boat. No need of driving skills to enjoy !!!