El Habaleño Restaurant is located in El Habal Village inside of Mazatlán county limits to northeast of Mazatlán city. You can get here taking the road # 15 by El Venadillo village just 4 miles north or you drive toward Mazatlan hotel zone by Cerritos Av. Turning right on highway Cerritos - El Habal when road finish turn right to south on road # 15 and just 400 yards you will find El Habal village and of course right on the highway El Habaleño Restaurant.

El Habaleño Restaurant opens daily from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. This restaurant is in a family atmosphere, it is very well known in the area as well as in all Mazatlán city for its wonderful flavor.

We highly recommend to eat the Traditional CARNE ASADA, MACHACA DE RES, BARBACOA CON CHILE COLORADO, CAMARONES RANCHEROS, CARNITAS DE PUERCO, CABEZA DE RES of course all with delicious beans, hand made tortillas and excellent home flavor sauce or you can have the greatest GUACAMOLE and FRESH CHEESE.

El Habaleño Restaurant is just the best place in El Habal village where you can enjoy the real of Mexico Cuisine country flavor in a family and country atmosphere.

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Thank you

Roberto, Carlos, Karina, Paulina, Rosi, Dora, Hilda
El Habaleño Restaurants Team.