Let´s Have Fun With Combos!
Suggested Activity Combos for Your Vacation in Mazatlàn, Mexico
  For your visit to Mazatlán, we have arranged a special pack of combos, depending on whether you like to have a more relaxed visit, an active visit or an all-day & night party; Here they are:  

Just Want to Relax Combo

Start the day with a light breakfast, Panama is a good option, or any of the well known buffets in local Hotels. Take a walk on the beach, no exercise or running, just a quiet walk will charge you up with positive energy. Why not take a Morning Tour to become familiar with the city.
While you’re at it, look for some souvenirs for your relatives and friends, if you’re on vacation.
And since you’re at the beach, going for a coconut will be a refreshing idea.

Food is up to you, but we suggest a restaurant with an ocean view, so you don’t loose your beach mood. Any good seafood restaurant will do.
Going shopping is always relaxing, depending on your money and tastes you can go to La Gran Plaza (local mall) or Mercado Pino Suarez (local market) or for a planned tour try the City & Shopping Tour and meet some friends because shopping is always more fun with friends!!.
After lunch or just when night is about to fall, nothing better than a good cup of coffee, if you’re at Plazuela Machado (downtown, historical center) Memorial Café Gormet is your choice, if you’re in the Golden Zone, go to Ricco’s Coffe Bar or Espresso Hour.

Dinner is a priority, if you’re into Italian food, Vittore is a good choice, if you’re more of a meat person, Casa Country’s fine cuts will satisfy you.
Since the plan is to take it easy, how about another walk on the beach? This time, depending on the company, it could be a romantic walk with your couple or a moonlight escapade with your friends. If you missed out on the tours earlier in the day because you relaxed too much, you can catch the Sun Set Tour. What every you choose you will be sure to have some fun and be very relaxed!! With your new friends you should take a day to visit one of the gorgeous colonial towns around Mazatlan on the Copala Tour, El Quelite Tour or Rosario Tour. These peaceful town with exquisite architecture have a very relaxing atmosphere that you will find very soothing.



Sporty Combo for an Active Vacation
Don’t waste time, take some yogurt and head off to the beach. Rent a kayak and row all the way to the deer’s island or take the Amphibious boat just outside of El Cid.
Once you’re there, run, play, have fun, be sure to take a pack of non alcoholic drinks with you, so you wont dehydrate. When you come back, it’s time for some seafood to charge your batteries. Another option is to take the Stone Island Tour where you can take part in many activities such as Kayaking, Boogie Boarding, Horseback Riding, taking a Banana Boat Ride and Snorkeling. Plus you will have a great meal prepared for you and drinks are free.

Leave the routine behind and rent a motorcycle, or a buggy, anything that seems new to you. Drive across town and enjoy the view. If you want more water activities go to the AquaSports Center where you can rent a jet ski, sail boat, boogie board, snorkeling or scuba diving equipment, a kayak, a banana boat ride or try parasailing for a spectacular view of the city!
Since you don’t want to let the afternoon go to waste, it’s time to shoot some pool or go bowling, both are very entertaining indoor activities that get you away from the sun and heat. Or why not go golfing for the afternoon at El Cid Mega Resort´s 18-hole course.
Before they close, you can not leave Mazatlan without visiting Wild Pitch, where you will put your baseball abilities to test or if watching a game is more your style, catch a Venados baseball game.
A good beach volleyball tournament, if the sun still allows it, will be a nice closure for a very active day. For a breath taking view take a stroll along the beach or go on the Sun Set Tour.
If you would rather experience Mazatlan´s Nature, go on the Hiking and Boat Ride Tour to hike up the tallest natural lighthouse or to explore the city, the Walking Tour will perfectly combine exercise and sightseeing. You could also try your skills sport fishing in Mazatlan´s renowned waters.


Party Combo for Those Planning to Watch the Sun Rise Before Bed!
Wake up late, no hurry, you can actually wait until noon to do it. No need to make an extra effort, just a nice cards or domino game will let the time pass quickly. If you just cann`t sleep any more, go work on your tan along the seemingly endless stretch of beach or play a round of golf!
How does some seafood and a bucket of your favorite beer sound? That will do for a while.
Do not abuse the alcohol (its a long day), but if you want to start the party early on, Pollo Chang Charlie is an excellent affordable choice on the malecon, with an excellent view. For all day drinking Mundo Banana offers all day free bar and Mexican food Saturday afternoon. If you are downtown, Taco Fish or Altazor Ars Café are two very good options right on the Plazuela Machado. If you are feeling up for it, parasailing at the beach would be a great way to start an exciting night!
Enjoy the Sun Set Tour of the city while you wait for the night to come alive! Okey, let’s diversify the plan, here are the choices.
Golden Zone combo.- Lots of dancing at Gringo Lingo, Mangos, El Punto and Oyster Bar
Good ol’ Rock combo.- For those of you feeling nostalgic, Woodstock bar has some oldies that will bring back good memories.
Banda combo.- This is Sinaloa, after all! Toro Bravo, Coliseo’s and La herradura are your choices, if you want to dance this kind of local music.
Make it back to your hotel safely and watch the sun rise since it is just a couple of hours away before ending this exciting day! Another day, check out the Tequila Tour to see how your favorite Tequila is made! Or spend the day fishing before experiencing Mazatlan´s nightlife.

Mazatlán has so much to offer that you are sure to make memories that you will cherish!

The Only Thing to Remember in Mazatlán is to ...Just Have Fun!!