Others Areas

In this section we will give you information regarding areas outside of the normal itineraries.


A well kept secret, the Cerritos area of Mazatlán is beautiful and nearly devoid of tourist life. This area has one of the best beaches in Mazatlán and is located north of the Marina El Cid. Take the 'Cerritos Juarez' bus to get up here. On the northern tip of the Cerritos beach is the Playa Bruja. This beach is Mazatlán surfer heaven. Caution must be used however, as the jellyfish population here is large, especially in the spring and summer months. As the years go on, the development creeps further north, so Cerritos should be visited before the number of hotels and tourists multiply.

Stone Island

Similar to Cerritos, the Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island) is a place to get away from the crowds. Located at the southern end of the city, it's only 5 minutes by ferry, to get to the island. The ferry operates every day until 5pm. Just ask the cab driver to drop you off at the Isla de la Piedra docks, or take the Playa Sur bus from the mercado. You can take a tour thats has everything included at a very reasonable price

The island is absolutely beautiful. The beach stretches on for 10km, and there is horseback riding available, as well as many great restaurants. If you came to Mazatlán to lay in a hammock, drink out of a coconut and suntan, then this is your place.

Area Travel has a good review of Stone Island

Located in the northwest sector of the country 20 kms. from the city of Mazatlan is the serene beach of Stone Island. The land form is actually a peninsula and has two sources of access. The international southbound highway offers one way, the turnoff being just before arriving at Mazatlan's International airport at a road which passes by the new Estrella de Mar world class Golf Course, a distance of 10 kms. from the marked turnoff. The other source is by using a launch or panga that crosses the bay that separates the city with that of Stone Island at a cost of six pesos per person.


The government of the state long ago facilitated free land to the farmers who were living in this zone, forming what is known as ejidos, in order to encourage the residents of the islandto improve their economic situation by cultivating various nutritional products like that of the production of coconut which on occasions is marketed across the nation or exported to foreign markets.


This coastal strip has expansive virgin beaches that allow visitors to enjoy relaxing treks atop the sand while admiring the huge quantity of palm trees that the ejido farmers of the region cultivate. At the same time, the soft waves, fine textured sand and beautiful natural landscape create an isolated and relaxed environment. The natives have built gigantic palapas that offer shade, while underneath these palmed roofs their owners offer the visitor a great variety and quality of typical regional seafood. As the subsequent attraction to the island, the coast is visited by various marine fowl which contribute to enrich the beauty of the place with the color of their plumage and the close contact they seem to allow with humans. At present a grand tourist and residential complex gearing up to construct 2,000 luxurious homes and condominiums, hotels and two world class 18 hole golf courses. The development presently operates with 18 holes and a luxurious 19th hole clubhouse.


A variety of water and recreational sports are offered on Stone Island and include: jet skiing, rides on giant inflatable bananas, surfing, games of volleyball, horseback riding, rest areas that offer delicious regional meals, are provide rides in launches from the docks near that of the Ferry Terminal. Launches can also provide leisurely tours of the coastal zone that encompasses the Island granting a different perspective. In the event that a person is interested in exploring there is the well known Jungle Tour that takes passengers by boat ride through the bay and through the estuaries that form labyrinths and whose sides are lined with tangly mangrove. The visit is completed with a stop at a typical farm fro a tasty lunch and refreshments.


It is recommended to dress in comfortable clothing and to bring along a bathing suit as the desire will be inmense to enjoy all the natural attractions, water sports, as well as services that this friendly and intriguing little spot offers.