Walking in Mazatlan

walking.jpg (19514 bytes)Though Mazatlan offers great transportation options, it's also a great city to walk in. Because it's an older city, it was built to cater to foot traffic, not cars. Thus, walking can be a very enjoyable experience. Be a little careful about crossing the streets here. The traffic system is a little bit different and it can surprise you if you aren't watching!

Whenever you go out walking, be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, and a bottle of water with you. The tropical sun can get warm even in the winter time. Also, make sure you write down the name of your hotel. If you get tired, you can take a taxi or a pulmonia back.

It takes about twenty minutes to walk from El Cid, at the north side of the Golden Zone, to Valentino's, the big white restaurant at the south side of the zone. Continuing south, it's a good long walk to old town, about 1:30 to 2:00 hours. If you stay on the Malecon the whole time, you will be walking along the beach with the cool breeze from the ocean cooling you down. Stop to look at the monuments, they are quite interesting. You will walk past the beer monument, the pulmonia monument, and the fishermen's monument. A little past the fishermen's monument is where the fisherman disembark to fish in their little boats. Depending on what time of day you are there, they may be selling fresh fish or shrimp.

Keep walking a little while longer and you will start to turn the corner and get into the Olas Altas area. As you round Ice Box hill (that's the one with all the antennas) be sure to watch for the Continuity of Life monument, the cliff divers, and the devils gate in the side of the hill.

Continue on a little while longer and you will be in Old Town proper. You can tell you're there when you see the Shrimp Bucket restaurant. Two blocks away from the beach from there and you will be at the Plaza Machada, one of the best parts of Mazatlan. You have you choice of great restaurants for refreshment, be it coffee or beer.

While you're here, take the tour of the Angela Peralta theatre. It has been newly restored and it's truly breathtaking.

Two blocks from there and you will be at the plaza near the cathedral. Take a look at the cathedral, it's magnificent. Two blocks from there is the central market. In addition to being a great tourist destination, it's where all the locals go to buy their food, and it's great fun to see what there is.

One of my favorite things to do is time it so that I am rounding Ice Box hill just as the sun sets, and get to Plaza Machada in time for a great supper! Enjoy!