Dressing Code.

Considering Mazatlan is laid-back, the dress code is casual.You'll find the locals follow a casual fashion, however the younger ladies dress very fashionably. For ballet or symphony performances, the locals and most tourists will be attired in dresses, slacks and jackets or suits (the absence of a tie is evident). There is only one restaurant with a "no T-shirt, shorts" dress code.

For those who prefer to blend in and to be comfortable, a combination of clothing that corresponds to your planned activities is recommended. This can mean using your luggage space for those comfortable items like swimwear, shorts, and tops for the daytime and a couple of casual slack and summer dress outfits for special nights or a night out on the town. I'm personally a carry-on bag traveler, and take whatever I can cram into an overhead stored suitcase and "under the seat" backpack. I've found the laundries in Mazatlan to be reasonable and reliable and 4 or 5 combinations of outfits can easily suffice for three to four weeks.

Because of the climate, heavy clothing is not needed. For example, there may be some overcast days and it could even sprinkle a little between November and April. But I've also seen the streets overflowing after a torrential rain storm maybe five times in over twenty years during this period. The daytime temperature during this period hangs around 80 (80 plus starting in March). In the evening it's a comfortable 60 degrees with a soft refreshing breeze. For me, it is always a "shirt sleeve" evening and I only wear a jacket when I attend an event like the ballet. I was even comfortable without a jacket at a baseball game that didn't end till after 2:00 a.m. On the other hand my wife is not as warm-blooded and normally takes a light jacket or a sweater so she can enjoy the evening breeze without being chilly. But keep in mind, we live there during this period and we have sweaters, jackets and sweat suits on hand if they are needed.

It's "muggy" between May and October with the temperature hanging around 90 degrees. While I don't mind the "east coast" summer type weather, I prefer
moderate back to back summers and return to Oregon during this season. September is the rainy season and could include late August and early October.

For footwear it's important to remember to bring comfortable walking shoes. Watch carefully when walking as the sidewalks in many places are uneven, or
absent. While the beaches at the resorts are cleaned daily and quite free of litter, to be on the cautious side, some tourists find aqua shoes a safe way to enjoy the ocean. Tourists and locals walk and jog on both the beaches and sidewalks, with the approximate 4 mile Malecon seawall sidewalk being the most popular exercise area in the morning.


This is an opportunity to clear out your closet of clothes you no longer need. You can pack these clothes in an extra suitcase and bring them to Mazatlan to be donated to a charitable organization. A win-win situation, as now you have an empty carrier for those gifts that you will be bringing back. If your hotel resort isn't associated with a charitable group, take them to The Inn at Mazatlan who will ensure your donation is given to an organization they support.