Did you know this about Mazatlan ???

    • Few people realize that Mazatlan is home of one of the largest tuna and shrimp fishing fleets in the world. Most people only know it as a international resort with fine restaurants and hotels

    • Lake El Salto is a 23,000 acre impoundment, home to some of the very best Largemouth Bass Fishing in the Mexico and the world. Lake El Salto is located 50 miles north of Mazatlan. Thousands of bass over 10 pounds have been caught and released at this great Mexico bass fishing lake!

    • Mazatlan's historic opera house, the Angela Peralta Theater in February of 2004 will celebrate it 130th birthday. It is the jewel of the historic area that stretches out behind the sea wall at Mazatlan's Olas Altas.

    • Mazatlan is based upon the Nahutal Indian word Mazatl meaning the place of the deer. Of course today, with over 600,000 inhabitants, few if any deer are seen

    • Mazatlan itself was not developed by the Spanish nor the Indians but by a group of very enterprising German immigrants who developed the port facilities in order to import agricultural equipment. They were the creators of the Pacifico Beer and the Banda Music

    • The Port of Mazatlan was occupied by American troops in 1847 during the Mexican American war, in 1864 by the French, during the American Civil War when a group of Confederate soldiers took the city over trying to Perpetuate the ideas of the Confederacy South of the border, and by the British Navy in 1871

    • The city of Mazatlan then got the dubious distinction of being the 2nd city in the world after Tripoli, Libya of being one of the first to suffer aerial bombardment. During the revolution of 1910-17. The bomb landed not on target but on the city streets of Mazatlan and in the process killed two citizens and wounded several others.

    • 'El Faro' (the lighthouse), located on the island-penisula of 'Cerro Creston', has a height of 157 meters (515 foot) above sea level, which allows a reach of more than 48 nautical miles, being considered as the highest natural lighthouse of the world.