Mazatlán Sightseeing Tour

How is the Sightseeing Tour?
Article written by Lisa Hermsen


The City Tour/Sightseeing Tour is definitely a great way to see the many points of interest in Mazatlán. The ride is very comfortable as well as air conditioned. The tour guides are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the city. They will answer any of your questions about the city and tell you about places to see and things to do after the tour. The tour is very informative explaining the history of Mazatlán, the livelihood of the locals, Mazatlán's economy, fishing and fish in Mazatlán, jewelry buying tips as well as how Mazatlán became a tourist destination. The tour is in English and/or Spanish depending on the passenger's preferred language.
The City Tour begins at your hotel, as Vista Tours will pick you up from your hotel, or you can take the tour from the Vista Tours office in the Golden Zone. Next, you are taken down Malecón Street where you will see many important monuments to Mazatlán and their meanings will be explained. Good bars, restaurants and hotels are recommended by the tour guide. Advice is also given on which buses to take and where the best shopping is in Mazatlán. Malecón Street runs along the coast line so there are many beautiful views of the ocean, the islands and the beach.
Throughout the tour you are given time to explore some shops and the market. First stop is to watch a high diver dive from 45 feet high into 5 feet of water!! Very impressive! Tips are welcomed but not required as the divers live off of the tips. There are not scheduled times for dives, the shows begin when enough people are gathered around. After the dive show you are given around 10 minuets to explore the little shops selling handcrafts and artesanias set up along the sidewalk.
The next stop is to La Casa Indio - a very impressive silver store selling all types of jewelry and other Mexican souvenirs. The tour gives you enough time to casually look at all the store and make purchases if desired.
La Casa Antigua is the next stop where you can purchase handcrafts from all parts of Mexico or just look through the house's rooms that are set up like a museum.
The tour then continues to see some other important sites like the port and the Faro - the highest natural lighthouse still operating. From here you can take pictures of the Islas de las Tres Hermanas.
During the tour you can take some beautiful pictures of the city. The next stop is a small walking tour through the Plazuela Machado where you will see famous Angela Peralto Theater as well as many restaurants and cafes playing folk music, opera and jazz. At night there are a number of small bars to go to  
The next stop is to the cathedral and the market. The cathedral the immaculate Conception has a neoclassic exterior and a baroque interior. You are given enough time at this stop to go into the Cathedral, look around and then go to the market. You can buy some fresh fruit or some Mazatlán souvenirs in the marcado (market). There is every imaginable type of souvenir there! It is very nice to take a walk through the market to see the different venders and the types of food and other thing that are available in Mazatlán. You will not be able to see everything at the market but you will definitely have enough time to browse and make purchases. At the end of the tour you will be dropped off at your hotel.
The tour is very enjoyable and informative. The tour is most definitely worth your while to see and learn about Mazatlán.
Booking your ticket in advance is recommended as there are lots of travellers wanting to explore the city especially when the cruise ships arrive.

Have A Great Vacation in Mazatlán!!