Planning a trip to Mazatlan? We can help!


Unless you know your way around the city, it can be hard to guess exactly where you want to stay. To a newcomer, phrases like "The Golden Zone," "The Malecón," and "Old Town" can be confusing.

To make matters worse, most travel agencies only do business with a few of the hotels in Mazatlan - none of which may be where you really want to stay!

What you really need is help from a local - someone who knows the ins and outs of Mazatlan and can help you find exactly what you're looking for - at the price you want to pay.

This is not an automated system. A real human will review the information you send us and attempt to locate lodging the matches your criteria. Don't worry, though, this is a free service provided by and it won't cost you a cent. To get started, let's take a look at Mazatlan from a visitor's viewpoint to help you decide where you want to stay.

About Mazatlan
If you already know where you want to stay, you can (skip this part).

When you come to Mazatlan, there are basically two main areas of interest:

city.jpg (16592 bytes) 1. The Golden Zone
(or Zona Dorada) This is the resort part of Mazatlan. The big Hotels, Resorts and Timeshares are all here. If you're looking to party, this is the place to go. The Golden Zone offers endless opportunities for nightlife: clubs, bars, discos and more! Most of the hotels here are on the beach, the warm, gentle "Playa Las Gaviotas" and "Playa Sabalo". Here you can find beach vendors selling anything from chewing gum to parasailing rides or Hobie Cat rentals.

2. The Malen
Stretching south from the Golden Zone is the wide and beautiful Malecon. From the north end, near the golden zone, it's easy to get the the stadium, bull ring and aquarium. Walking south along the levee, you will see many restaurants, discos, and night clubs. Here you can find some older, but quite nice hotels, a little bit out of the action, for a much, much better price. Make sure you spend at least one beautiful sunset on the Malecon, watching the sun disapear behind the gentle Pacific.

angela.jpg (19227 bytes)
3. Old Town
(sometimes called "Old Mazatlan" or the "Old City") For a more authentic visit to Mazatlan, many people choose to stay in rustic, historical "Old Town." In addition to the hotels here there are many romantic Bed & Breakfasts where you may choose to stay. The Angela Peralta Theatre, the Archeological Museum, Mazatlan's Cathedral, and the city market are all within walking distance. If you're looking for rest, relaxation and a quiet or romantic getaway, this is the place for you!

In addition to the larger hotels located in the tourist areas, there are smaller, local hotels scattered throughout the city. If you're really on a tight budget, you might consider one of these.

Mazatlan is actually a smallish city of only about 600,000 people. Most points of interest are within walking distance of either Old Town or The Golden Zone. If not, there are busses or the local taxis, called "Pulmonias," that can speed you to your destination for only a few pesos.